Friday, July 30, 2010

One Smart Cookie

Brooke and I went to the park today and while we were there Brooke began to play with another little girl. I quickly realized that my 15 month old daughter knew far more words than this 18 month old. Also my daughter was way more aware of the things going on around her. Not to brag (ok maybe a little ) but this made me feel like such a great mom!

Brooklyn playing with her new shopping cart ( her favorite toy at the moment)


  1. thank you
  2. all done
  3. no mam
  4. night night
  5. Nana
  6. papa
  7. momma
  8. Dada
  9. josh
  10. Eli
  11. yellow
  12. buddy
  13. apple
  14. blue
  15. bug
  16. baby
  17. ball
  18. tree
  19. bubbles
  20. orange
  21. fish
  22. nose
  23. shoe
  24. eyes
  25. kitty

Its just amazing to me that my 15 month old not only knows what these things are but can name them too....also there are numerous sounds and actions she knows and can do as well.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Day Care

Brooke on her first day of daycare!!! Such a big girl!!!

And two weeks later... Brooke did not like day care and will be staying home with mom instead.
Brooklyn loves her mom AND brushing her teeth ha ha.

Happy Fourth!!!

We had a great dinner at Kevin's moms house, and got to spend time with family.
Also when we wake up on the 5th Kevin and i will have been married one year!!
This is a picture Jennifer took with our camera, i didn't have to do anything to the picture. That is how great Jenifer is !!

Brooke loves her aunt Jenny (and baby Eli !!!)

but she loves her uncle Josh the most!!

later that night we went over to Josh's grandparents house to watch fireworks. it was a great day surrounded by wonderful people.

Fathers Day

Kevin, Brooke, my family and I spent Kevin's second fathers day at the ft. worth zoo!!
Brooke loves the zoo and anything that has to do with animals and the outdoors
Brooke loves the big cats the best. Tigers are ok, but she loves the lions the best

Kevin, Brooke, my brother Jake and sister Katie and I

13 months

Just like that she is walking!! Actually more like running. She is so cute i love it!!!

Brooke and I went camping with my grandma. Brooke loved it, I however am not the camping type ha ha. It was really a great campsite, they even had a community pool and playground. Of course Brooke enjoyed swinging

12 months at the zoo

Kevin and I went with some friends to the FT. Worth zoo, because everyone knows its better than the Dallas zoo. Of course I forgot our camera so here are some pictures from our friends camera.