Sunday, December 26, 2010

Brooklyn 20 months

Someone please tell me when exactly did my baby turn in to a toddler? Brooke is 32 1/2 inches long and weighs 30 pounds. She has been in size 2 cloths for a few months but now some size 2 pants are to small!!

At 20 months Brooklyn can repeat anything you ask her to and she uses sentences!!! I love being able to ask her a question and get an answer ( she understands what we say) or ask her to do something simple and she will do it. She is also able to ask us for what she needs or wants.

(where is the elephant)

Another huge milestone is that she is able to sing her alphabet (well A-I) and she is also able to identify some of the letters!

She has also created many new games, most involve jumping on or off furniture, Or playing in moms make up and jewelry. (shes such a girlie girl) Brooklyn has such a huge imagination. Another thing she loves is to color, recently she discovered that her markers work anywhere.

Brooklyn's artwork.

Playing with her "makeup".

cristmas bandit

On the 24 Kathy and Tom (Nana and Papa) came over to celebrate Christmas. Brooklyn was so much fun opening gifts. She would laugh and tear through the present and before she even looked to see what it was, she would be on to the next. After all the gifts were open Tom and Kevin got to work putting up Brooke's playhouse. Brooke however couldn't even wait until it was together to play with it.

This Christmas was a hard but wonderful! After learning that this Christmas would be my Nanny's last Christmas the family decided to spend Christmas eve and day at her house. We had tons of fun spending Christmas eve telling stories, looking at old pictures and eating great food. On Christmas day we woke up bright and early. Brooklyn was showered with nanny got her a gator, she couldn't ( wouldn't) wait for Kevin and Thomas to put it together before she started playing.

Packed up and ready to go home.

Brooke also got a kitchen from my mom, but we had to wait until we got home to set it up. There was not enough room in the car for everything to fit. Since Christmas Brooke has had a blast playing with all her new toys. We had a great Christmas and Brooke made out like a bandit. This year was so much more fun watching Brooke enjoy everything. I'm already looking forward to next year when she will be able to play and enjoy Christmas with her newest cousin Eli!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The C word strikes again!

My grandma (nanny) had been having some pain in her back since my grandpa (Lewis) passed away. So she went to her doctor planning on getting a shot for a disk she had already had problems with in the past. They did their usual MRI to find which disk it was, but found a tumor.

She was then sent to a specialist, who did a biopsy and a full body scan. Her scan came back and showed many more spots on her lungs, adrenal glans, and spine. A few days later her biopsy came back with the news that in our hearts we already knew....LUNG CANCER stage four. The same thing that killed Lewis only months ago.

I'd like to stay positive and say she will beat this, however not only have the doctors said that even if she tries her hardest, she only has six months to live, but Lewis died three months after finding out about his cancer.

This is going to be very hard for me. It was hard to have Lewis and my uncle pass but my nanny is one of the most important people to me and quite possibly the closes person to me. Knowing she is dieing is like having my heart ripped out and stomped on!

Christmas tree 2010

One of our many Christmas family traditions; putting up the Christmas tree, on Thanksgiving night. This year was so much more fun because Brooklyn was able to help decorate the tree. She was so cute putting up an ornament then taking it down and moving it. After all the decorating was done, Kevin turned the lights on, we got tons of ohhhs and ahhhs from Brooke. She loved it and I loved watching Brooklyn having so much fun!

Since our tree was much bigger than last years, We didn't have enough ornaments to fill it, ha ha. I love it anyway!

Another one of our family traditions is getting Brooke her very own ornament every year. last year Kevin and I picked Brooke's ornament but this year she was able to pick her own! It was not exactly what I had pictured, but she was adamant that this was what she wanted and that we would not be leaving the store with any other ornament.

(Brooklyn's ornament 2010)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Giving Thanks

At first I found it hard to be thankful, its been a rough last four months. I'm still grieving over the loss of both my grandpa and uncle. so I didn't think I would make a Thanksgiving post but this morning my daughter gave me a hug and kiss then told me she loved me. It was like a light bulb went off and I realized exactly how important family is...They are the ones you can lean on and who will stand by you no matter what. I am so blessed to have a wonderful family on both mine and Kevin's sides. I get to wake up and know that my daughter will ALWAYS be loved and cared about no matter what situation may come up. I am so grateful for our families who have been their for Kevin and I through such a tough time. I couldn't imagine my life with out ALL of them.

The Zercher Family Thanksgiving 2010

Here is a picture of my side of the family,

unfortunately we were not able to get a picture of Kevin's. hopefully I'll remember next year!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sick, Now thats a first!

Brooklyn is now 20 months old and until now she has not ever been sick ( other than allergy's and a one day cold). She woke up Saturday morning with a fever of 101.6 and was cranky all day (she had been a little fussy all week). We thought we would wait until Monday to make a doctors appointment but later in the day she threw up, and that was it for me, since it was Saturday we had to take her to the ER. about an hour later we had a prescription for a double ear infection and a sigh of relief it wasn't the flu. Brooke has been in a better mood today, she such a super trooper, but she is super cuddly and is not getting hardly any sleep.

On a more positive note; to be sick only once in 20 months I'd say is really good!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

brooklyn's busy weekend

Brooklyn and I had such a busy weekend. It all started Friday when Emma came over to play. Brooklyn loves her friend Emma, so much so that anytime she sees a little girl she yells "Emma"! Then Brooke and I took a two hour trip to visit Brooklyn's aunt Jaycee ( my 3 yr old sister) Brooke had a blast plying outside,seeing the horses and dressing up! She also had some time to get to know her gran dad and grandma , whom I was surprised to see that she opened up to really quickly...something Brooke does not do to often. After another 2 hour drive home, Kevin and I put up Brooklyn's new "to her" slide ( thank you Jaycee) ever since we finished setting up the slide we have not been able to keep that crazy little girl off of it!

BUDDY IS SUCH A GREAT DOG! He just sat there while the girls tried to ride him.

Brooklyn and Jaycee eating breakfast with her big girl fork. Jaycee showed her how to use it and ever since she has been using her utensils!! just like the big little girl she is :)

all dressed up like Tinkerbell, she loved dressing up...Brooklyn kept saying "pretty pretty" lol

Jaycee walking AL ca pony around (Brooke didn't like him much she only loved the Big horses)

Brooklyn and her grandad riding on the tractor, which she loved, since we all know how much she loves tractors lol


19 month words

Brooklyn is growing like a weed! She now can repeat anything I say and tell me what she wants...since her vocabulary has grown so much this last month I have decided not to update anymore words unless she says something really funny or incredible.
daddy does deserve some credit with Brooke's sudden spurt of new words, he has started reading to Brooklyn every night and about 200 times a day when she asks us to !!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat

Later in the day we took brook on her first trip trick or treating, she enjoied it for the most part, their was just one house where she was frightened, other than that she was great. Brooke was so cute saying trick or treat but hopfully she will actually say it when someone answers the door next year. ha ha. Also I thought it was so cute that when she got candy she would say, thank you. (I'm such a proud mommy)

Here are a few pictures of brooklyn trick or treating at her very first house ever!
(Aunt Jennifer's)

Carving Pumpkins

For Halloween this year we spent the day enjoying family. After a relaxing morning and afternoon we took sometime to carve our pumpkins. This year Brooke was able to help. She enjoyed watching mom and dad pull the seeds out but did not really want anything to do with the dirty task, any time she was asked to help she simply replied; ewe or yuck. Brooklyn did however try pulling the seeds out later when she saw mommy doing it!

our pumpkins (2010) I think they turned out pretty cute.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkin Patch 2010

Brooke and I went to the pumpkin patch this year to pick out some pumpkins and get some cute pictures. It was so much more fun this year (last year she was only six months old). As soon as we pulled in she was yelling pumpkin pumpkin (more like punkn punkn). Brooke was running around trying to pick them all up and was really exited when we found the section of small pumpkins! From that point on it was; mine or my punkn.

Somehow in the middle of all the excitement and running around I did however manage to get our pumpkin patch pictures for this year. They are not as great as last years, when we were lucky enough to have someone take them, but I love them just as much!

Here is a picture from last year. I am so amazed how much she has grown and how smart she has become. My little baby is growing up to be, such a wonderful loving toddler.

Brooklyn and Emma

My old camera broke a few weeks ago, but thankfully my wonderful husband bought me a new one ( my Christmas and birthday present). so the first thing i did was call up my friend Ambur and ask her to bring her daughter Emma over, so we could take pictures of the girls.
once we got to the park i quickly realized two things; keeping up with these girls is going to be impossible and there is no way that i can get them to sit and smile at the same time ha ha. However i did get a few good pictures!
(These are in my opinion the two best shots of the day!)

The girls only wanted to play in the mud and throw horse apples(AKA balls)

Since Emma is a year older than Brooke she is always teaching her something new, in this case climbing on the fence.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Lewis Newcomb

Two weeks ago my grandfather Lewis passed away. In my heart I know that we did everything we could but in my head I feel like I just let him down. Unfortunately I was unable to be with him and my grandma the day he passed. It's been tearing at me this whole time, even though know that there is nothing I could have done. I just wish I could have hugged him one last time and would have been there for my grandma.

I remember the first time I met Lewis; It was about ten years ago. To any other twelve year old Lewis would be the mean grumpy old man, but to me he was just someone who sarcastically picked on me...and I picked right back. I was told how much Lewis didn't like kids, my response; He is going to HAVE to like me, and he did.

I had ten great years with Lewis, and ten years is all it took for him to have a place in my heart for the rest of my life. I look forward to the day when I can go up to him and tell the "old fart" how much I really loved him!! and thank him for showing my grandma what real love was all about.

There are things we don't want to happen

but we have to accept,

things we don't want to know

but we have to know,

and people we cant live without

but have to let go.

Lewis I love you and will miss you forever!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Brookes words 17 months

Brooke has been talking up a storm all though, when we get around a bunch of other people she is more shy when it comes to speech.Looks like she is going to be shy like mommy and daddy.

  1. Pickle
  2. Please
  3. Rock
  4. Look
  5. Douches
  6. Broken
  7. Me
  8. Potty
  9. Out
  10. Two
  11. Three
  12. Diaper
  13. Stinky
  14. Hunter
  15. Carrot
  16. Duck
  17. Dora
  18. Grape
  19. Treat
  20. Mimi
  21. Cheese
  22. Milk
  23. Yes
  24. step
  25. Cricket

(Brooke and Douches)

Also Brooke has a few new simple sentences which amazes me more than the 90 something words she already knows.

  1. More cookie please.
  2. Lets go potty.
  3. I love you!!!
  4. See you later.

Brooklyn's 16th & 17th month update

Brooke has grown tremendously this last two months! I know I say that every month but it's true. This month she started to follow simple directions such as; put that in the trash and can mommy have that. She has also began talking in simple sentences; More cookie please. Brooklyn is doing a lot more exploring and trying new things. Just in the last week she has started climbing over the baby gates and on tables, rocks, benches really just about EVERYTHING. She is fearless. Also the little stinker learned to jump (it is so cute), Brooke jumps on the couch, bed and chairs. Since we have started staying with my nanny Brooke has been sleeping in her own toddler bed, she is doing a great job!
Brooklyn weighs 28 lbs and has EIGHT teeth!! Six on bottom and two on top.

since we have been staying at my nanny Brooke enjoys riding on the tractor (gator). she asks to ride it every day. She also loves to go see the horses and donkey. Really she just wants to be OUTSIDE exploring!!


Last Monday my great uncle passed away, he had been battling cancer for three years. He was a great man and some of my most favorite memories involve him. In fact the earliest memory I have of our family get together; thanksgiving at my great grandma's (who has since passed) and my uncle Charles teasing me like he used to and me teasing him right back. :D My family happens to be very sarcastic in this way. My great uncle Charles was also the one who showed me how to fish, I will never forget that day he helped me real my first fish in . The first and last fish I ever caught. I'm happy that he is no longer in pain but selfishly wish he was still here with me.

My uncle Charles and ,his daughter, my cousin Marisa.

Also my grandpa Lewis has been battling cancer for the last two months. It has been really tough on him. Its absolutely the worst thing to see this cancer take everything from him. He is no longer the fun, sarcastic and strong man he was just a few short months ago, he is now quiet and frail. I love him so much and want nothing more than for him to tease me again in the sarcastic way he used to. In the past month he has lost so much weight he is hardly recognizable, lost the ability to sit up, walk or bathe himself, and lost most of that personality we all love so much. This has also been very hard on my nanny,who is his primary caregiver. The strain on her has been so hard that Brooke and I have moved in to pick up what little slack we can. It has been a tough battle this far but we still have a lot of fight left in us.

Lewis with his nova ( working on cars is something he enjoys very much)