Monday, December 28, 2009


After Christmas we loaded up and drove down to Wimberly TX for a little vacation. Our drive only took around five hours, it went much better than I had expected. Kevin and I joked and talked while Brooke slept the entire ride! 

Also, per my family's tradition, once in Wimberly we counted the deer on the way to Linda and Pat's. 27!

Once we arrived we said our hellos and moved a sleeping Brooke to her new bed, she did not wake until morning.

The rest of our trip was filled mostly of hanging out with Linda and Pat, shopping and relaxing. We did take a trip to a nearby town to see the underground caverns. Brooklyn loved it!! she would scream each time we would enter a new "room" just to hear her voice echo. 

(our photos in no particular order)

During Brooklyn's nap time Kevin and I were able to sneak off for a quick hike along the creek.

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