Monday, April 20, 2009

Brooklyns Birth p.2

After a moment with me Brooklyn was taken to be cleaned up, weighed and swaddled. Then Kevin got to hold his sweet baby girl. While I was being stitched up.

 Kevin and my Nanny getting some time with baby Brooklyn before she left to go to the nursery.

 After a while they took Brooklyn down to the nursery to give her a bath and to observe her. Kevin made sure to follow and keep a close eye (and take lots of pictures). My nanny went home to sleep. I was still in a lot of pain and because I couldn't be moved into a room until I was deemed stable (from loss of blood), no one knew where I was to visit or relay information. This mama wanted her Baby!!

Across the hospital Brooklyn was doing just fine with daddy. She was having a tiny bit of trouble holding her temperature (which is normal for newborns) that is why it was taking so long for her to come back. After some time under the heat lamps her temperature was back up and she was ready for a bath.

Her first bath at the hospital, Kevin said she didn't mind it at all until they took her out of the warm water. (no one likes to be cold!) I was also told that less than a minute after her bath baby girl was fast asleep, just waiting to be wheeled down to mama's room!

Just checking to make sure your there dad!

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