Thursday, April 30, 2009

Brooklyn First Two Weeks

Since Bringing Brooke home life has been a blur, I have been completely focused on her. We eat, sleep, change dirty diapers, (I) Pump and repeat. Then Kevin comes home from work (since he has worked there less than a year he could only take three paid days off) and helps so I can shower and eat.

I love holding Brooklyn and she loved to be held! She takes most of her naps on me but if I need to put her down she does great as long as she is swaddled, if in her bassinet, she also loves her bouncy chair and swing.

The day after we brought her home from the hospital she switched from 2oz to 4oz (with the help of her Nanny who thought she was starving while mommy was at a doctors appointment)

Brooklyn also had her first trip out of the house today, we went with Nanny to Home depot to pick out an anniversary gift for kevin/ daddy. The 5th will be a year of dating for us!

Other than me dealing with healing and getting sick, Brooklyn is doing amazing. she is such a happy baby girl and so soft and cuddly, I LOVE IT.

First two days Home.

Time with Mommy


Relaxing in the bouncy chair.

Late night feeding.

First time in the swing. We are still trying to decide if her eyes will stay blue or change.

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