Thursday, April 30, 2009

Brooklyn First Two Weeks

Since Bringing Brooke home life has been a blur, I have been completely focused on her. We eat, sleep, change dirty diapers, (I) Pump and repeat. Then Kevin comes home from work (since he has worked there less than a year he could only take three paid days off) and helps so I can shower and eat.

I love holding Brooklyn and she loved to be held! She takes most of her naps on me but if I need to put her down she does great as long as she is swaddled, if in her bassinet, she also loves her bouncy chair and swing.

The day after we brought her home from the hospital she switched from 2oz to 4oz (with the help of her Nanny who thought she was starving while mommy was at a doctors appointment)

Brooklyn also had her first trip out of the house today, we went with Nanny to Home depot to pick out an anniversary gift for kevin/ daddy. The 5th will be a year of dating for us!

Other than me dealing with healing and getting sick, Brooklyn is doing amazing. she is such a happy baby girl and so soft and cuddly, I LOVE IT.

First two days Home.

Time with Mommy


Relaxing in the bouncy chair.

Late night feeding.

First time in the swing. We are still trying to decide if her eyes will stay blue or change.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Brooklyns Birth p3

The rest of the day and the next morning went by really quickly. We had lots of visitors (I wish I would have thought to take pictures and take notes) by lunchtime on the 21st we were all checked out and ready to go. Leaving the hospital as a family of THREE!!

Our very first family photo 4-20-09

(brooklyns hospital dress code) 
The hospital only allowed them to wear a t-shirt, hat and diaper!

Getting ready to go home.

Brooklyns Birth p.2

After a moment with me Brooklyn was taken to be cleaned up, weighed and swaddled. Then Kevin got to hold his sweet baby girl. While I was being stitched up.

 Kevin and my Nanny getting some time with baby Brooklyn before she left to go to the nursery.

 After a while they took Brooklyn down to the nursery to give her a bath and to observe her. Kevin made sure to follow and keep a close eye (and take lots of pictures). My nanny went home to sleep. I was still in a lot of pain and because I couldn't be moved into a room until I was deemed stable (from loss of blood), no one knew where I was to visit or relay information. This mama wanted her Baby!!

Across the hospital Brooklyn was doing just fine with daddy. She was having a tiny bit of trouble holding her temperature (which is normal for newborns) that is why it was taking so long for her to come back. After some time under the heat lamps her temperature was back up and she was ready for a bath.

Her first bath at the hospital, Kevin said she didn't mind it at all until they took her out of the warm water. (no one likes to be cold!) I was also told that less than a minute after her bath baby girl was fast asleep, just waiting to be wheeled down to mama's room!

Just checking to make sure your there dad!

Birth-day part 1 (Becoming mom)

 Part one (and some backtracking)
Actually started a few days beforehand. 
At my appointment Friday 17th baby girl was measuring large, and I was 2cm dilated. Let me add HOT, TIRED and ready to meet my baby. I was going to ask beg to be induced (yes, I know how it can be bad  the baby. Several family members work with or around deliveries, I have been told) So when my Doctor brought it up I was on board.

The plan was that I would be induce monday, If I didn't go into labor sooner. 

   Sunday came around and our monday induction was looking like a plan. Kevin and I decided to go out for one last night afternoon out, that way we could come home clean, get some rest and head to the hospital early. However I felt sick, I couldn't eat or get comfortable. Thinking that I was just nervous but just wanting to be sure, Kevin called my OB (who happened to be on call that night but not on monday)

  She told us to just check in to the hospital. If nothing at all we could rest that night and start bright and early with the induction! 

It was around 7:30 when we arrived and since we where non emergency we just took our time getting checked in. I remember feeling sick and uncomfortable, but nothing worse than the nauseousness I felt at the beginning of pregnancy. As soon as the nurse got all my monitors hooked up she mentioned that I was contracting every eight minutes!?!

I had not felt anything so far! Then she showed us on the monitor, sure enough you could still see the rise and fall of my contractions. Then she said that we might have a baby tonight. Kevin called his mom and my nanny just incase But I was still hesitant because I had yet to actually feel any contraction.

In the hour and a half it took for my Nanny to arrive I was checked, 3cm, and my contractions were steadily about 7 minutes or so. (also during this time my doctor explained that for some women contractions don't get strong until after their water breaks) 

It was going fairly easy during this time. Mostly I was tired of getting up to pee (IV fluids) and I was grumpy that everyone else could eat but me :)

While getting checked My water broke, (Remembering what the doctor had just told me) the very first thing out of my mouth was; I want an epidural! Thankfully the anesthesiologist was right there and I was just dilated enough to get one. I never felt a single contraction the entire labor. Although I felt enough pressure (definitely not any pain) to know when my belly was tightening.

Unfortunately the epidural slowed my contractions down so they started me on pitocin, also by this time (around 3am) we, my nanny and kevin included, were very tired. So they gave me something to help me sleep. (nanny and Kevin not included. sorry guys!)

At some point that morning family started to show up, I am not sure what time or who showed up. I do remember one moment we are all laughing and joking, then I made the comment: I feel like I need to poop and all the moms in the room start moving and calling for the nurses! HA! 

Everyone clears out except Kevin and my nanny. The nurse then tells me that we are going to try some practice pushes to get her into position and when we are ready the doctor will come in. Once we are ready she tells me to push/starts counting but stops halfway and screams for me to stop pushing. While yelling at someone to call the doctor. * I start crying, My nanny is crying, Kevin... crying* 

More rushing around, Doctor comes in and I finish my push. She is here and healthy. Little one just couldn't wait two more pushes.
 (I didn't know it then but the doctor never had time to put gloves on)

I Become mom:
April 20th 2009
 (saying to my nanny don't cry, that will make me cry)